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12.25. Ultrasound exam - Etire is pregnant ;-) We are expecting puppies the end of January. Next information You find here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 dear friends!

11.29. We mated! Expected mating - Etiré Pecinska ruze and Judas Maximus Deus - without any problems! We look forward to how everything goes...

11.2. - 11.4. We were with Etiré a great at training defense weekend at our organization (including accommodation) ZKO Kyjov - Boršov . Jaroslav Josefík is excellent helper of MSKS . Thank you for the beautiful images Renata Navratilova....more

You find new photos Benjamin et Lomicaro from defense training weekend in the gallery. ...more

10.21. Etiré Pěčínská Růže did test FPr1 to 95 points. I know it was her not best performance, but it is at home ;-)

10.1. Benjamin Brando et Lomicaro - official result spondylosis and HD - all negativ! Great!

9.23. Club show Boxerklub of the Czech Republic - Etiré Pěčínská růže - working class - excellent 2, r.CACK(Dr. Magdziarska, PL)

8.25 Bathor Bazz et Lomicaro was on his first show. Club show boxers Hlučín - junior class - excellent( J.Šuster ). It seems that we grow more beautiful and with the perfect hard defense. Congratulations!

From 6.30 to 8.7 We , with Etiré and Bess attended summer training camp in Osikov together . Great team and great atmosphere again did not disappoint ! Link to see some photos HERE

6.24. Benjamin Brando et Lomicaro shows in Brno Intercanis with grade excellent. Congratulations! Report has confirmed to us that this dog from our kennel 's future.

6.13 Plugged new video in galleries Etiré of training tracking and defenses.

6.1.-6.3. Our Etiré Pěčínská růže on IV. Horácký závod boxers according NZŘ passed exam ZVV2 and took second place in the category ZVV2 (judge M.Kašpar )

5.28. Our lovely Bessi z Bystrcké farmy (am.cocker) celebrates its 11 th birthday. At this age, still enjoys excellent condition ... All the best!

5.25. Congratulations on your first birthday Boxer litter "B". I hope you celebrate in health and greet you many more years ! !

5.13. Etiré passed exam BH in our training , judge J.Matula .

5.6. Club show Boxerklub of the Czech Republic - Etiré Pěčínská růže - working class - excellent 2, r.CAC , Benjamin Brando et Lomicaro - junior class - Excellent 4 (a wonderful and hopeful opinion)

4.30. Start of the new website of our kennel , I hope you will like it ...

Benjamin Brando et Lomicaro has first video - defense

3.10. We were on "Boxer´s day". The meeting was great. Excellent atmosphere and meeting boxer lovers.

2.2. Our boxers litter "A" have got a birthday. We wish all the best!

1.10. Our female Etiré Pecinska ruze has got a birthday. She´s 4 years. We wish all the best!

We wish You, dear friends and supporters of the breed Boxer and the American Cocker Spaniel, Yours family and Yours pets a lot of well-being , happiness and health, especially in 2012! We wish You lots of success in personal life, the breeding and of sport cynology.








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