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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 my Friends!

31.8. Corbus et Lomicaro (Judas Maximus Deus x Etiré Pěčínská růže)- Annual Boxer Club Show - puppy class - very promising (judge Zdzislaw Wajman PL) . Thanks and congrats!

8.31. First show Mairiss. She met with the brother of her mum and other relatives - Annual Boxer Club Show - baby class - very promising (judge Zdzislaw Wajman PL)

7.21. You find new photos in the gallery - our boxer girls.

6.28-7.7. We have been with the dogs - girls on Holiday in Kamenicka - summer training camp. We used great terrains on training tracks and experience of helper Ladislav Václavek. Etiré worked on the preparation of the exams ZVV3 (as IPO3) and ZPS1(tracks as IPO3 and obedience). Mairiss was handy when training tracks - „squares“ and training defense, obedience. Bessi enjoyed walking and relaxation.

6.9. Benjamin Brando et Lomicaro with his owner in the race won in the category ZZO beautiful 2nd place! A huge congratulations and a lot of success on the sports field! The mission was successful ;-)

6.7.-6.9. We went with Mairiss and Etiré on Horácký závod boxers. I was a helper, I track and fired on obedience. It was a very nice weekend. I'm looking forward to the next meeting!

5.28. Our American beauty Bessi z Bystrcké farmy celebrates - 12th Birthday! Happy Birthday! She is still vital!

25.5. Litter "B" boxers have Birth day! We wish all the best! Good health and happy life!

5.17. We brought a girl Boxer fawn Mairiss od Ivetky Vel-Om today. She is a sweetheart and very much look forward to her companionship.

5.5. Etiré Pecinska ruze passed the examination IPO VO (judge Alois Pouc)

4.13. - 14. Weekend seminar with Miroslav Valentin. Etiré exercised faithfully, its track was amazing.

3.30. We don´t have boxer puppies now. All boxer´s boys are already sold.
Crasco et and Corbus et went to new homes. Good luck!

3.23. Cairro et and Cink et went to new homes. Good luck!

3.18. We with our boys go to the vaccination and microchipping today.

3.16. We with Etiré were on " boxers day" in the town of Kyjov in our Training centre today. You find photos HERE

3.11. Boys have new video

All boys are reserved. Photos can be found HERE

2.19. video - 17 days HERE

2.13. All boys have pigmented eyelids ;)
2.10. New photos of the boys in the linkHERE

2.5. Our boys - new photos

2.2. Puppies was born! We have 4 fawn males! We wish all the best in their lives! We wish Happy Birthday our litter "A" - they have 3 years!

1.10. Etire has Birthday - 5 years. Have a Happy life! Good luck!
Etiré is 43 days pregnant , current photo

At the end of December ultrasound exam - Etire is pregnant ;-) We are expecting puppies the end of January. Next information You find here.

We wish all the best and Happy New Year 2013 dear friends!








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