27.8. - National championship CZ IPO - FH, Stříbrný obojek 2016 - Mairiss od Ivetky Vel - Om - category FPr1 - 93 points, 1. place
phooto Monika Erhartová

18.8. - 21.8. Training weekend in the Ošíkov
here is video 1.7. - 10.7. We organization summer camp Osikov 2016.

6.11. - 13.6. Horacky závod boxerů - race boxers in sport cynology - Mairiss won kategory ZM - 1 place, exam ZM points - very good. Etiré kategory ZVV2 - nice 2. place.
5.3. We training with Conny and Mairiss. Thanks a lot Gabina Macounova - obedience and Milena Pufrova - tracking. Thanks a lot in kategorii defense - helper Matej Petrnek and Jan Böhm.
5.22. Mairiss od Ivetky Vel - Om passed exam BH. We started training IPO1.

8.5. Clubs show boxers - Conny (Amálka od Ivetky de Chanel) - puppy class - very promising 1 (4 female in the class) judge: Samanta Kosinac Muhar (HR)

7.5. We began to regularly train dogs in Svitávka. We train vith boxers female here too.

24.3. - 28.3. We train wolf dogs in Jevišovice at the weekend. Our boxers females are here and train together.

21.3. Mairiss has 3 years! Happy Birth Day Mairiss! We love you!

5.3. Obedience training with Gabina Macounova, tracking with Milena Pufrova, defense with Jan Böhm and Matej Petrnek. Thanks a lot!

27.2. Obedience race "O zmrzlou vranu" KK Rybníček - Mairiss od Ivetky Vel - Om - categorry ZZO - 55 points (mx.60 points) - 6. place

New baby female boxer come in our kennel in the January. Amálka od Ivetky de Chanel (v: Fausto de val de Cayone, m: Loretta od Ivetky Vel-Om) home name "Conny". She´s very temperament, we are very happy! Mairiss and Conny has new video...
Dear friends...I wish all the best in the New Year 2016! Good luck and good health!

Golden Pine Cone

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