Dear friends, fans of the boxer breed and other cynology enthusiasts, we wish you and your loved ones all good not only in the coming year, especially health, well-being and mutual understanding.

All puppies are pre-reserved

12.9. Hot news in the kennel! Conny (Amálka od Ivetky de Chanel) has puppies! 3 fawn males/ 2females fawn and 1 white female. Very nice and healthy litter "D"

11.2,-4, Mairiss od Ivetky VO took part in the ATIBOX IPO FH World Championship. She started for the first time in the FH2 Championship category. Even though it was not in the box, she met the test threshold, even on the mark "good". Of the total 21 dogs in this championship category, we ranked 12th place.
Thank you Judge Sabrina Molnar - Rössler (AT) and also helper for a pleasant track. Surely we have suggestions for further work and we will be happy to start races next year, maybe join us and we will still get to Atibox FH 2019.

10.31. Conny (Amálka od Ivetky DCH) is pregnant! We so happyy! 24 days pregnanat today!

10.7. We're back from mating, maybe we'll be lucky. We will hope. Thank you very much for having Conny (Amálka od Ivetky DCH) mating with such an amazing, nice, incredibly temperamental Capo de Tutti Capi Rus la Fler. Thank you for your sincere and pleasant reception and care. You are so amazing people Sándor Bedö, Henriett Harmati

9.22. We went with females to the MR CACT Stříbrný obojek Otěšice. Conny started in FH1 and Mája in FH2, in the championship category. Fortunately, it was not hot, but the strong wind did not bring much points in this category. Conny unfortunately came down from the first quarry, unfortunately, she lacks practice, and so we are done. Maja (Mairiss od Ivetka VO) was incredibly eager, doing everything to get the end of the track. All the articles marked without loss and eventually got out of this championship 86 points and the title Champion CZ boxers 2018 in FH2. I am very happy. Not so much from the title, but from Mairiss work. Thank you to the organizers of ÚP Staňkov, thank you helper Milan Brunovský, judge Bc. Benicek for a fair assessment.

Conny has new video
7. 26- 7.29 4 Four Summer Night Dog Shows SPIT Amálka od Ivetky DCH - CAC 26.7. - champion class - CAC HR (judge Suzana Verstoněk HR), CACIB 27.7. - champion class - CAC HR (Ozan Belkis TR) CAC 28.7. - champion class - CAC HR (JOAO VASCO POCAS PT), tímto jí chybí jedna výstava v tř. šampionů v HR, aby dosáhla titulu Chorvatský šampion a Chorvatský grandšampion

6.29/7.8.Summer training camp - The best persons - friends, beautiful nature, sleeping outside under the tent. Amálka od Ivetky DCH passed an IPO2 exam eventually at the camp - good (243 points). I´m soo very happy (10 days hard training tracks, obedience, defense)

6.8./6.10.Boxers race - National regulles - Horácký závod - judge Alois Pouč, Etiré Pěčínská růže - category ZVV1 - 2. place - 10,5years age. Category ZVV1 - Amálka od Ivetky DCH - Conny -, the best tracking and the best female, passed exam 99-78-89 (as IPO1). I love our females, I´m sooo very happy!!!

5.6. Conny (Amálka) passed IPO1 - 90-84-85, ZKO Kyjov - Boršov, judge M.Vávra

8.4. Amálka od Ivetky de Chanel (Conny) - working class - exc.1, CAC - judge Alena Zarska (CZ)

2.18. We have new boy - american cocker - Davos Sagitta Epirum (Damien), birth 27.9.2017, v: Galaksi Always The Best (import Denmark) m: Elvíra Prima Donna Amazonka

1.14. Amálka od Ivetky de Chanel (Conny) - winner class - exc.2, r. CAC - judge Jozef Šuster (SK)

YEAR 2017

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